Pay Per Click Advertising
Product and Store Listings
Have your products and website listed on and recommended to our visitors as gift ideas. With our volume pricing plan, you can pay as little as 21 cents per pre-qualified click-through!

$50 deposit 32 cents per click-through
$100 deposit 32 cents per click-through
$250 deposit 29 cents per click-through 9% discount
$500 deposit 26 cents per click-through 19% discount
$1000 deposit 23 cents per click-through 28% discount
$2000 deposit 21 cents per click-through 34% discount

Merchant Spotlight Feature
The Merchant Spotlight is an advertisement shown toward the bottom of gift result pages. This is a great way to showcase your store, a sale, or a special promotion you are running. The Merchant Spotlight feature can be narrowly targeted to the specific categories or even sub-categories of your choosing.

Pricing for the Merchant Spotlight is done on a pay-per-bid basis. The amount that you bid per click-through combined with the response rate that your Merchant Spotlight advertisement generates will determine its level of exposure. The minimum bid for inclusion in the Merchant Spotlight feature is 20 cents per click-through.
Add the Gift Registry to Your Website
You can now add the gift registry service to your website free of charge.

More Information - Free Gift Registry for Merchants

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